Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | November 7, 2007

Beyond Earth

The space shuttle Discovery returned from the international space station this afternoon. No matter how many times I watch a shuttle land, it is always an awe-inspiring thing of beauty. The science and technology that makes such a thing possible is beyond my ability to fully comprehend. Yet the shuttle makes itself known, soaring through the heavens, not dependent at all upon my ability to understand it.

The human mind has limits of comprehension just as the rest of the human body has its physical limits. It is physically impossible, for example, for a human to run 100 miles per hour, or lift a 10,000 pound weight, or survive a winter at the south pole with no protection from the elements. Likewise the human mind has limits that it simply cannot exceed.

Have you ever wondered where those fence posts are that mark the boundary of the finite mind and the beginning of a realm about which a human cannot fathom? Most of the time we dwell in the region of everyday thought, rarely striking out across that frontier between ordinary reality and the fence that marks the end of our understanding. Yet, if we conquer the frontier and edge close to the fence, it is there that we can begin to imagine what just might be beyond that fence, in a vast physical and spiritual realm that we can know nothing about.

I can imagine that there must be a vast universe of truth beyond my ability to comprehend it; and its existence is not dependent at all upon whether I can understand it, or whether I can even know that it exists.



  1. Don’t worry dad. In Mid-Novemer 1981 those fence posts were uprooted and moved much farther out…. however, I believe your fence posts have remained untouched…. unfortunately.

  2. I have always instructed my children to live humbly.

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