Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | November 8, 2007


I find cemeteries peaceful places where I can reflect on a lot of things, especially the big issues of life.

I often seek out old cemeteries, especially when I’m away from home, and wander through them reading headstones and thinking about the lives that the folks buried there once lead. And I also think of my own mortality, and how all things change with time.

Cemeteries have a calming effect on me; I come away from them refreshed in a certain way, and I take with me a strengthened resolve to live better today, as today will soon pass away and there will be nothing left of it except the good that I have done in the world and the love that I have had for my family and friends.

I really like cemeteries. But, then, I suppose I am a little odd in that way.



  1. Paul & I like to wander cemetaries as well. Last year I visited a family reunion of people I didn’t previously know I was related to… When we visited Chapin, MI for their 89th annual reunion, we first visited the cemetary where my great-great grandfather, James Somers (born in Ireland) is deposed… It’s a great little cemetary to visit, bordered on all sides by corn rows and country. It’s located on the county line of Shiawasee and Gratio and just a stone’s throw north of Elsie! A great place for contemplate if you get around that way Mike. 😉

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