Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | November 8, 2007

Who should be president?

We pick our presidents in a strange sort of way. It wasn’t more than a couple days after the midterm elections last November that we began seeing a whole lot of hat tossing into the proverbial ring. I can remember thinking that it is going to be a very long and grueling two years ahead—more so for the public than for the candidates.

In the two years leading up to the general election, we have an assortment of straw polls, beauty contests, caucuses, and primaries . . . oh, and don’t forget the daily samplings of 1000 people or so that are supposed to reflect the preferences of the nation as a whole. I never could figure that out: a pollster calls 1000 people, tallies the totals for each candidate, mixes and stirs a little, and then proudly presents us with a highly accurate snapshot of the standings, with only a margin of error of one or two percent. How do they do that? The marvels of modern statistical methods.

Sometimes I think the point of presidential politics is to wear down the electorate, so that by election day we don’t care so much about who wins as we do about the delightful prospect that the process is finally about to be over. Hurray!

So, who should be president this time around? On the one side we have Hillary, Obama, the guy with the slick hair, and some minor players including a guy who’s gotten up close with a UFO; on the other side we have Rudy, Mitt, John, Fred, yet another governor from Arkansas, and a guy who’s a not-so-closeted libertarian.

I suppose the guy (or gal) who deserves it the most would be the one who can wear us down the best over the next year, the one who causes us to “give,” scream “uncle,” and shout “enough already!” Hey, I guess it’s the American way.


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