Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | November 18, 2007


One of those great marvels of the divine plan for humankind is the way in which the cast of characters around us changes as we move through life. Family surrounds us throughout our lives, but the individual names and the faces change. Still, there is always someone there for us at every stage of life.

Simply understood, our parents hand us off to our children, and we hand our children off to their children. It is a beautifully devised plan, though it is not always executed with perfection. Family dynamics, untimely death, and a host of other variables disrupt the ideal; even so, it is remarkable just how this works, and how well it works.

The most difficult thing in life is the death of a close loved one; the most joyous thing is the birth of a loved one previously unknown to us. As different as each of these experiences is from the other, they are really opposite sides of the same coin—a coin that is continually flipped between “heads” and “tails.” Our deepest valleys and our highest mountains are inextricably woven together into the wonderful fabric that we call life.



  1. My arm still hurts from my flu shot two weeks ago.
    What? Not on topic? sorry šŸ™‚

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