Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | December 13, 2007

Winter . . . Again

Vintage Snow BlowerIt is often said that when two people have nothing much to talk about, the conversation inevitably turns to the weather. So it was that I turned to the weather when I didn’t really have much to say recently but wanted to write a post anyway. Low and behold (don’t you love that expression—where did it come from?), my post “Winter Blahhhhs” generated about 200 hits . . . and counting. Who’d a thunk it (another great expression). I guess more people than you might think are interested in the weather, or maybe just winter weather, or jeeps—who knows.

Winters seem different nowadays than they did when I was younger. They seem longer to the old bones, but shorter in terms of how fast time seems to scoot along. There also doesn’t seem to generally be as much snow. I can remember a couple of years in the early 80’s when I climbed on the roof of my house with a snow blower and cleared waist-deep white stuff away to keep the roof from ending up in the living room. Then I would throw the blower over the side and jump into the snow bank after it—the top of snow bank, of course, was only about two feet below the edge of the roof by the time I got done moving all of the snow over the side.

Ah, for the good ole days. Then again, I have already been taken by surprise by this winter. December 1st, I finished clearing the last of the leaves from my yard; we got our first snowfall later that afternoon and it has stuck around since. I’ve been anticipating the great melt-away that we always have after the first few snowfalls, so I’ve been lazy about keeping my driveway clear. But, alas (another great expression), it has been at or below freezing nearly constantly the last couple of weeks. Now I have a ton of ice on the driveway (of course that is also just an expression—it’s probably more like ten tons of ice). So I was out earlier this evening persistently hacking away at the ice. I didn’t get too far with it, but at least it is a start. I’m still holding out for one of those thaws. But, then, maybe this winter will be like one of those winters of old—not withstanding all the talk of global warming.


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