Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | December 17, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

-Why is it that politicians never answer the questions posed to them by a media-type?

-Why is that media types never ask questions about real issues?
(The above two musings are prompted by Pope (David) Gregory’s interview this morning with Her Royal Highness Hillary Clinton.)

-Why should we take as gospel the results of a political poll of 250 people?

-Why don’t these pollsters ever call me? (Put another way, what makes the 250 people that they do call special?)

-Would I even bother to talk to a pollster if they did call me? (They probably know that I wouldn’t; that’s why they don’t call.)

-When the poll results (of 250 people) are in, why does the public then blindly follow the media like they were the pied piper and pile on the leading candidate?

-Why does the leading candidate always deny that they are ahead?

-Why does the trailing candidate always insist that they will win?

-What’s so bad about being a front runner? (Is it that there is no place to go but down?)

-What’s so bad about being at the bottom of the heap? (After all you get to go home and have a real life sooner rather than later.)

-We know about John Edward’s $400.00 haircuts, but the real question is: Who does Rudy’s hair?

-And who picks out Hillary’s pant suits? And John McCain’s pants?

-And has Bill Clinton really given up McDonalds?

Just a little Monday morning food for thought.


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