Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | January 10, 2008

To Vote!

The political center has now shifted from New Hampshire to Michigan with Michigan’s presidential primary just five days away. I have never seen a campaign so wide open in all of my voting years—which go back to 1976 when I cast my first vote for president for Jerry Ford.

I don’t write many political blog entries; but since my state will be overrun with Republican candidates over the next few days, now is an appropriate time to weigh in. (The democrats, however, are giving Michigan the cold shoulder this time and staying away. I would hope that Michigan walks away from the dems in November—turnabout is fair play.)

Now concerning the Republicans. If I had to pull the lever today, I’d probably reach over and pull the one for Romney. However, I actually like four guys in this race: Romney, Huckabee, Thompson, and Ron Paul. Let’s look at them one at a time.

The country is too far along the socialist path to ever elect a Ron Paul, so that would be throwing my vote out (and besides, I don’t like Paul on the war). Libertarianism (which Ron Paul actually represents) is a great thing for the most part, but Libertarians are wacky on drugs, abortion, and foreign policy (read: isolationism).

Thompson just got in too late, is lackluster, and doesn’t have the organization he needs to move his candidacy along. So a vote for him would be a throwaway, too. Too bad, because in a lot of ways, Thompson is actually the best choice.

That brings me to Huckabee and Romney. Huckabee’s platform looks great on paper, but then you hear a lot of things about him that don’t jibe with his platform. I wonder about him and immigration; and I also wonder about him with taxes when push comes to shove.

Romney, on the other hand, looks and talks presidential, has a great platform, and talks the talk. The only downside is that he is somewhat of a converted conservative. And I’m not sure that he can stick with the program if elected. But in a field of less than perfect candidates, Romney is less less-than-perfect than the rest.

Then there is the perfect candidate: Ronald Reagan. But there isn’t a Ronaldus Magnus out there, and probably never again will be. So it is looking more and more like Romney to me.

Anyone care to make the case for another candidate?



  1. Romney is the only true conservative in the GOP race right now, and the one of the only GOP candidates (Giuliani being the other) who can beat Hillary and the rest of the Dems in November. Please do yourself a favor and study the issues. You’ll find Romney is the most consistent social, economic and military conservative in the field right now. He can bolster the economy, and he can lead the USA through the challenging times that lay ahead. Romney is the guy!

    As far as Huckabee goes, if you support Huckabee I say good for you. Just please make sure it’s because you genuinely agree with his platform, and not just because your preacher told you to. When you get past his strategy of identity politics, you’ll find that Huckabee is totally uneducated, unconservative, and unfit for this high office.

  2. Right on. At first glance Huckabee looks good, but the longer I listen to him, the less credible he seems. Romney, almost by default, becomes the only other viable option. At least he’s consistent. Romney it is!

  3. OK , I read it! geeeez

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