Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | January 18, 2008

Mitt Wins!

My man Mitt won the Michigan Republican primary last Tuesday. It feels good to have someone I voted for in a primary actually win. Usually, there is such a broad field of candidates in a given primary that the chance of your guy winning is statistically not too good. Such was the case again this time, but I somehow beat the odds. Am I ready for Vegas now?

I was still undecided until just a few days before the primary. I think what finally put me into Mitt’s column was a combination of policies/politics that I can live with and electability. If they would let me pick the next President all by myself, I would probably pick someone else, but Mitt seemed to be my best choice among those whom I believe to be viable candidates at this time.

The best all-around conservative in the race is Fred Thompson. But I don’t see Thompson really going anywhere. If he doesn’t have a very good showing in South Carolina this Saturday, I don’t know where he would go to do any better. Fred just got in too late, and I think it will be over for him very soon.

There are only three Republicans who can win the whole enchilada in November. They are Rudy, McCain, and Mitt. I think among them, Mitt has the best chance to win. Rudy would do well, but he would have a tough time rallying the base, which would be critical to a win. McCain will draw a lot of independents and some Democrats, but the conservative Republican base has a measure of disdain for him. It would be a difficult hoe-rowing job for him.

Then we have Romney. Mitt can appeal to all elements of the Republican party, and has the potential to draw in a lot of independents. At this point anyway, I think Mitt would have the best chance of beating any Democrat, although Rudy and McCain could do very well and also squeak out a win.

So now it is wait-and-see time. A lot of this should settle out on Super Tuesday, February 5. We shall see what we shall see.


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