Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | January 23, 2008

Governors, Senators, And Vice-Presidents

A review of the history of the presidency over the last 75 years clearly shows that Americans far prefer that their presidents come from the ranks of governors and vice-presidents rather than senators or other political office holders. You have to go back to Kennedy to find a president who was not previously either a governor or vice-president.

Prior to Kennedy, Eisenhower breaks all of the molds, not having had any prior political career (he was a very popular war hero—in the manner of Andrew Jackson more than a century before). Truman was a V.P., and Roosevelt was again a governor (New York). That gets us back to Hoover who was, indeed, a businessman, and a very popular and well-known one at that. There was talk of having him as a presidential nominee in 1920, but that fizzled. Later, Hoover was Secretary of Commerce for eight years before becoming President.

History does not bode well for Senators Clinton, Obama, and Edwards on the Democrat side, or Senator McCain and Mayor Giuliani on the Republican Side. Of the major candidates, only Huckabee and Romney are former governors. Huckabee does not seem to have enough support in the Republican party to win the nomination, and would definitely not have enough support among independents to win the presidency in a general election.

That leaves only Romney as the candidate with history on his side and with a broad enough appeal to take the big prize. His business experience is an added bonus to his credentials as a leader in government.

I will make a bold prediction today, in advance of the Florida primary and Super Tuesday—after which we will have a much better picture of how this year’s run at the presidency is shaping up. I believe that come November, it will be Romney versus Hillary Clinton. Romney will be the Republican nominee for the reasons stated above, and Hillary will be the Democratic nominee because the Clinton machine and the Democrat apparatus simply will not allow Obama to take the nomination—an Obama nomination just ain’t happening folks!

In the end, I believe that Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States. History is on his side, and he will have broad appeal to Republicans, independents, and Democrats in the general election. I might be completely wrong about this, but here I am, putting my neck on the block. Hey, somebody has got to do it!




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