Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | January 28, 2008

Just The Ticket

Well, I had mentioned a few blog entries back that I don’t write much that is political, and that opened the floodgates with one political post after another flowing through. So here comes another, with a few more thoughts on how I see this election shaping up.

If McCain is nominated, I don’t think that he will be able to rally enough of the Republican base to get elected. I’ve already talked with a number of people who will sit out the election if he is nominated—which gives the election to Hillary (or Obama; but I think the Clinton machine is going to steam-roll over Obama very soon).

However, I don’t think that a McCain nomination is in the cards and here is why: It is a two-way race for the Republican nomination right now—McCain versus the three-headed Goliath currently known as Romney-Huckabee-Giuliani. Huckabee will get out soon, and most of his support will go to Romney, just as most of Thompson’s support went to Romney. When Rudy gets out (which will probably be even before Huckabee), much of his support should also go to Romney, though some if it will certainly go to McCain.

Once we have Thompson, Huckabee, and some of Rudy rolled into Romney, I think Romney will be unstoppable as the Republican nominee. The the party will rally around him like kids mobbing an ice-cream cart. Romney is the Republican with the best chance of beating Hillary (or Obama) in November as he not only appeals well to Republicans, but he can draw in independents and moderate Democrats as well. (Let’s face it, you’ve got to give the guy due credit for getting elected governor as a Republican in Taxachussetts.)

As of today (and in politics things can certainly spin on the proverbial dime), I think it will be a Romney-Hillary match up. The tickets could very well be a Romney/Huckabee for the elephants and Hillary/Barack for the jackasses (er, donkeys).



  1. There isn’t a democrat on planet earth, who will vote for Romney. Ever. 🙂

  2. Are they all on Mars, then?

  3. Really though. I think Romney will have real appeal to the former Reagan Democrats, especially when Hillary is the alternative.

  4. I guess if I want to generate hits, this political blogging is the way to do it. Look out James Carville, here I come!

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