Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | February 5, 2008

Aunt Rett

My great-aunt (or grand-aunt as some would say), passed away this last Saturday. Aunt Rett was my mother’s aunt, my grandmother’s sister.

I have a lot of memories of Aunt Rett, Uncle Ralph, and the family growing up. Aunt Rett was the one whose possible spur-of-the-moment visit always kept us on our toes. Mom always said that we had to straighten up the house and keep it looking good just in case Aunt Rett stopped by. And, of course, she and Uncle Ralph showed up at our house a lot as we were growing up. And as kids, we visited them often as well. We always looked forward to going over there and having fun with the cousins. I especially remember all of those times playing in and around the back yard with Bruce and Mark, and out in the alley behind the house.

One enduring and endearing memory that I have of Aunt Rett is the extraordinary effort that she made to come to my youngest daughter’s graduation open house a few years back. I so much appreciated her making this effort when I know she was struggling physically at the time. I can still see her taking her time walking slowly up our driveway. Her presence was a highlight of the day.

For now we will say “so long, Aunt Rett,” but we will also say “see ya later.” For the separation is only temporary, until that time when we will see Aunt Rett, and my Grandma Lehman (her sister), and all of our other beloved family members over there, on the other side of the river.

God bless you, dear relatives, as you grieve the earthly loss of your mother and grandmother, who was truly also our “grand aunt.”



  1. Mike,
    Thank you for writing such a good note about Aunt Rett. She was my favorite Aunt. When I was little I was the first niece and she did a lot for me. We always went shopping and she bought me a lot of things. Also, Uncle Ralph and her came to Fruitport when we were young and brought Grandma Swanson with them. We has a weekly visit. Uncle Ralph would sometimes go fishing while we visited. When Larry, Kathy, Bruce and Mark came along we continued getting together often. She was a very good Aunt and like you said, we will see her again with our other loved ones.

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