Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | February 20, 2008

Winter Breakdowns

So I thought that this just might be the year where I get through the entire winter without a snowblower repair. Here we are, most of the way through February, and things were going along well for me. I did have to put a couple of screws into the auger housing cover a few days ago My Drivewaybecause the cover had gotten bent back from all of the hard-packed snow that I have been running the blower into lately. I debated whether or not to call that an official “repair.” But then this morning I hauled myself out of bed at 6:30 AM and trudged out into the sub-zero temperatures for the second morning in a row to move a few tons of snow out of my driveway. Just as I was finishing my half-hour of leisurely snow moving (I literally had only about 9 square feet to finish), my auger cable snapped. So there we have it—definitely an “official” repair. I have continued my unbroken streak of yearly required snowblower repairs that stretches back more than a quarter century.

Out In The RoadWell, I got into the office this morning and went straight to the Sears’ website and ordered a new cable—$3.90 for the cable and $17.00 to get it here by Friday; I’m all set. The thing I love about Sears is that every single repair part for everything they sell has a number—and you can find exploded parts diagrams for every product on their website. That is one of the reasons that I decided to buy my treadmill from them when I was in the market for one a few weeks back. With all of the moving parts of a treadmill, and all of the potential for something like a treadmill to break down, I felt a little more self-assured about buying the product from Sears. How’s that for a plug; I wonder if I can get some sort of kickback from Sears for the advertising.

In any case, I am sure looking forward to the end of winter. Maybe I can call Al Gore and let him know I could use a good dose of that global warming just now. For a guy who can invent a whole internet, I would think he should be able to deliver to me a bushel or two of global warming.



  1. makes me thankful I got a snow blower last winter, just fueled it up today and we are in the middle of an 8 inch snow fall here in Wisconsin.

  2. […] Of the 120 tons of snow on my property at this moment, I have relocated a sizable percentage of the total from my driveway to what would be my lawn in more pleasant times.   I have certainly moved “a ton of snow”—more like a dozen tons, or more.  Now I know why I need to make at least one major repair to my snow blower every year. […]

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