Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | February 27, 2008

Global Temperature Crisis — A New Ice Age!

There is new data out now that show that the mean global temperature has fallen one full degree Fahrenheit since last year. In fact, global average temperature over the last twenty years peaked ten years ago (in 1998). But this single-year drop is dramatic and potentially very alarming if you believe, as do global warming advocates, that short-term trends represent long-term prospects. Here is the chart from

Global Temperatures Are we looking at a new ice age? Will North America be uninhabitable in fifty years due to year-round extreme cold and ice? Shall we sound the alarm now? Maybe we should make a documentary. Maybe we should start pumping more carbon into the air to try to warm things up a bit and forestall a global ecologic catastrophe. I for one will try to run my car in my driveway once in while and mow my lawn on ozone action days to help out the cause—assuming, of course, that it warms up enough by summer to even grow grass.



  1. This stuff really makes me angry.
    I’m sad because I’m going to have to vote for McCain in the general election this year, because at least he is into cutting spending, and whoever lands on the other side is going to make Bush look like a moderate on spending.

    But I don’t want to vote for anyone who buys into this Global Warming BS. Everyone talks about evil coprorations, and big business..who do you think is behind this crap?! Its a giant money makeing ploy, that plays off peoples emotions with trumped up, or more often made-up, evidence. It’s scares the crap outa’ me.

  2. […] Global Temperature Crisis — A New Ice […]

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