Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | April 30, 2008

$ub $andwich $pecial, Including The $ide$

Sub SandwichI decided to splurge a bit for lunch today. Normally, I will drive through Wendy’s and get a small salad and small chili for $2.73 (up nearly a dollar over a couple of years ago), or I’ll motor on past the Burger King window and pick up a Whopper, Jr. ™ and side salad for $2.12 (the best deal going, if you ask me). But today was payday, so I thought I’d treat myself to someone’s full “combo meal,” that is a sandwich, chips of some sort, and a drink. I thought it was time to try something a little different for a change—I was in a change-of-pace sort of mood—so I settled on a national brand sub shop that I had eaten at only once before.

I thought, “Yea, I can drop six bucks or so for a combo meal. So I walked into this little sub shop (that will remain nameless for now) and no sooner cleared the threshold into the joint and a voice came out of the sky like some narrator in one of those epic fantasy films saying, “Welcome to ______!” I looked around to see where the reverberant voice was coming from and my eyes settled on a table in a front corner of the store. It was an employee who was sitting at the table with obviously nothing much to do. Then it struck me that it was noon, and I was the only customer in the place—a little strange for a guy who is used to waiting in a line of cars for his lunch. Well, I ordered my sandwich, and grabbed a bag of chips, and was given a cup for my drink. And then the cashier totaled my order. $8.35!

Now I hadn’t intended to buy stock in the franchise today. All I wanted out of this quick pick-up place was a simple sandwich and a couple of extras. I couldn’t believe that I was only getting a buck and some change back from my ten-spot. This certainly explained the lack of clientèle during a time of the day when the place should have, by rights, been packed. What workaday schmuck on his lunch break can afford to shell out nearly ten bucks for lunch every day, or even once in a while these days—since most of us are now putting our lunch money into our gas tanks. And, there is another national sub chain where you can get a large sub for $5.00; Eat one half and put the other half into your little office refrigerator for tomorrow. That’s $2.50 a day for the sandwich, and you can drink water with it for free.

Now the $8.35 question: Does anyone what to take a guess at the name of the high-priced sub shop? There are, of course, only just so many sub shops out there. Take a guess. The first one to get it right wins!



  1. I can understand $ 8.35 for a nice sit-down meal with table service. Never could understand it when I’ve got to stand in line and order. To bad I know the manager of where you speak.

    Oh well, stick with the competitors $5.00/ft long and split it over 2 days or share with a friend. Then you get a nice meal with a serving of vegetables for the day.

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