Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | May 11, 2008

A Fellow Named Bill

It seems that the high price of gasoline is the talk of the town these day, no matter what town you’re from. In a recent post on his blog, local TV weatherman Bill Steffen discusses the high gas prices and our troubling energy situation with a nice mix of truth, wit, and humor. At one point, Bill has this to say:

DerrickBy the way, NBC did a little cheap shot last night on the Nightly News. They put up a graphic that showed the price of a barrel of oil when Pres. Bush took office and what it is now. They wanted to lead you to believe that the worldwide price of oil today is the fault of Bush. Oil is a worldwide commodity. It costs $120 a barrel because China, India and every other country on earth will pay $120 for the product. We don’t have as much leverage over the oil companies as you think. B.P. (BRITISH Petroleum), Shell (Royal DUTCH Shell), Citgo (VENEZUELAn) can sell their oil to someone else in the world if we don’t pay the price. This is not going to change until there is more supply (and who is stopping that from happening?) or less demand (in the world, not just the U.S.). Since we put all kinds of roadblocks into developing new energy (no more drilling for oil…no coal, no hydro, no nuclear…heck, they don’t even like windmills because birds can run into them), this is not going to change by having a new face in the White House.

As one of a number of folks to respond on Bill’s Blog, I posted this comment:

Who needs birds?

Seriously, though, oil is king and we are in a real jam that has been 35 years in the making. No quick way out of this, but we need to start drilling in ANWR, the Gulf of Mexico, Bill’s back yard, wherever we can find the stuff. And we need to be building refineries. In 15 or 20 years we can have this under control. Until then, we will be transferring wealth on a mammoth scale to Saudi Arabia and the likes of Hugo Chavez. I will vote for anyone for President who says he (or she) will personally go to Alaska and install an oil derrick in ANWR. Enough of the nonsense.

While I’m at it, I see no problem with slant drilling under Lake Michigan if there are reserves there that can be tapped. There would be no impact environmentally or aesthetically with such a program. NIMBY has gotten out of hand to the point where it is now threatening our national security, our personal financial security, and our standard and quality of living.

OK. I’m stepping down off my soapbox now to go watch Leno.

The very next reply On Bill’s Blog took me to task and also failed to see the obvious humor in Bill’s original post. This apparent Al Gore type had this to say:

Drilling in ANWR is merely symbolic. Oil pumped from ANWR would enter the world market due to its proximity to Asia. It’s foolish to suggest increased domestic drilling would somehow ease the gasoline price “crisis.” Bill, being a science enthusiast, I’m surprised by your flippant comment on bird-tower collisions.

You know, the biggest problem I have with liberals is that so many of them seem to have no sense of humor whatever. To this blogger, trying in the same vein as Bill to meld truth, wit, and humor, I replied:

As for ANWR, it is certainly symbolic: It is symbolic of the kind of thing that we need to do more of. ANWR would be a good “start.” There are huge reserves around the world (let alone our own country) that we can be tapping into (there’s that dang preposition at the end of a sentence again). Increasing oil supply, increasing refinery capacity, building more energy efficient vehicles, and developing alternative sources of energy need to be all part of the plan. This seems to me to be a no-brainer. But then I tend to see things in black and white rather than shades of gray, so I’m sure I’m missing something here and someone will be kind enough to point it out to me.

The bottom line is that somewhere, somehow we need to bring some sanity and responsibility back into government so that they see the big picture fifty years out, rather than only worrying about who they can payoff to win the next election.

As I have had an interest in writing Limericks lately, I then added this final touch:

There once was this fellow named Bill,
In his yard he decided to drill.
By and by he did usher,
A huge oil gusher.
His destiny thus to fulfill.


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