Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | June 17, 2008

Out On A Limb

McCain - RomneyWell, this political hack is rubbing his knife and fork together in preparation to do a little more hackery.  To wit, I will put my own head on the chopping block—and hand the cutlery to my readers—with this political prediction: As of today, I would bet my grandmother’s china (which she still owns) on the two presidential tickets being punched Hillary/Obama and McCain/Romney.

My reasoning is this: Obama needs Hillary to unify the party, bring home the “working stiff” vote, and deliver older women; McCain needs Romney because, all things being equal, there should probably be at least one Republican on a Republican ticket.

Without Romney, conservatives will likely stay home in droves—or at least in numbers enough to give the election to Obama. Also, Romney can deliver Michigan. I heard Michigan described by a pundit earlier today as “the new Ohio.” If that is so, then this election may very well be won or lost in Michigan. Enter Romney.

We will see how this all plays out, but I wanted to get myself on record so that a couple of months from now I can look back and be glad that I still have my day job which is completely unrelated to anything political.



  1. (written on a white board)




  2. as goes Michigan, so goes the country

  3. This just in (Muncie Free Press) from Indiana’s leading political analyst and commentator, Brian Howey:

    “My Prediction: A month ago, I would have been comfortable predicting a McCain-Romney ticket. But if McCain wants to attract Hillary Clinton voters, he might look at young, attractive Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin who is creating considerable buzz these days. If I had to bet: McCain-Palin. At this point, I think the gender opportunity trumps geography.”

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