Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | November 13, 2008

Hope Against Hope

Last Tuesday’s election wasn’t really a shock in the sense that we anticipated a different outcome; rather, it was the beginning of the switching of gears from “hope against hope” that McCain would prevail, to dealing with the reality of an Obama presidency for at least the next four years.

Already the president-in-waiting is promising to issue a series of executive orders upon his coronation (er, inauguration—sorry, I confuse these two concepts where Obama is concerned).  Those orders will countermand several of George W’s executive orders when he came into office (which, at the time countermanded several of Billy Bob Clinton’s executive orders).  These mainly have to do with social policy, but they are biggies: Abortion counseling overseas for foreign governments who receive Uncle Sam’s funding (read: tax dollars, yours and mine, without regard for the reality that at least half the population has strong, morally-based pro-life convictions); embryonic stem cell research; and also (while not exactly a social issue, but still important) a reversal of oil drilling approval for an area in Utah.  This, however, is what the people voted for—so now we are going to get it, and get it good!

There is not much any of us true conservatives can do except to be a vocal, albeit patriotic and loyal, opposition.  If Obama does half of what he is planning to do right off the starting blocks in January, you can bet I will be doing a lot of political blogging over the next four years.  Stay tuned!


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