Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | December 23, 2008

A Ton, More Or Less

To say that it has snowed here continually since Thanksgiving would be an overstatement, though not by much.  It has been the snowiest December that I can remember in many years, and it just keeps coming.  It appears that we are in for a long winter.

To say that I have moved a ton of snow in the last few weeks might also seem like an overstatement—in the same sense that someone might “cook a ton of chicken” for the neighborhood cookout or pay “a ton of money” in property taxes twice a year (don’t get me started down that path).   But to say that I have moved “a ton of snow” is really not accurate at all; in fact, it is understating the situation.  I have actually moved several tons of snow!

As close as I can figure (and don’t ask me for the mathematics as you just might pop my bubble), I currently have 120 tons of snow lying on my property, including the roof of my house.  To put this into perspective, that is equivalent to the weight of 80 small cars, or nearly 10 dump trucks’ worth of heavy, dense gravel, or—check this out—28.8 million quarter-dollars for a total of 7.2 million dollars by weight in quarters!  Now that is “a ton of snow!”   Can I trade in my snow for quarters?

Of the 120 tons of snow on my property at this moment, I have relocated a sizable percentage of the total from my driveway to what would be my lawn in more pleasant times.   I have certainly moved “a ton of snow”—more like a dozen tons, or more.  Now I know why I need to make at least one major repair to my snow blower every year.

A parting word of wisdom: A man’s best friend is not his dog; it’s his snow blower.



  1. We have a kinda love/hate relationship with our plow truck, as well. The darn thing needs constant TLC to get the job done. And you’re right about the snow– there’s been a lot this winter. I’ll take that over freezing rain any day though. We had ice followed by snow and wind last Sunday. We lost our power and many trees and large limbs. In fact, the limbs snapping in the woods around the house sounded like gunshots going off. Very sad.

  2. Just found this in my search for comic relief as we are getting snowed in for the 4th time within 2 weeks (VA outside DC). If I weren’t so sore from shoveling I’d raise my hand!

    • Thanks for finding this Sarah! I had more or less forgotten about it, but it gave me a bit of a chuckle all over again. I actually did figure out how much snow was on my property (too much time on my hands, I suppose). We don’t have as much snow this year; I think we sent it all east. Nevertheless, winter is getting really old–I think we are all ready for spring.

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