Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | January 10, 2009

“We’re Roasting Up Here!”

I am enjoying phenomenal Leelanau Coffee Roasting Company’s Sumatra coffee this morning. Sumatra has been described by many as the best coffee in the world.  I am now on my third cup and, honestly, I’m not prepared to debate that point.  This may well be the best coffee that I’ve ever tasted!

The website describes Sumatra this way:

Sumatra is one of the great romance coffees of the world. It is not simply that the Indonesian island of Sumatra embodies a Conradian romance of the unfamiliar. When it is at its best the coffee itself suggests intrigue, with its complexity, its weight without heaviness, and an acidity that resonates deep inside the heart of the coffee, enveloped in richness, rather than confronting the palate the moment we lift the cup.

I also ordered a bag of Kenyan and a bag of Ethiopian Harrar from Leelanau Coffee. I will soon break into those two coffees and begin my taste-test comparison. I’ll let you know which one I like best once I’ve had a chance to savor a few cups of each. What great stuff, this premium, straight-bean coffee.   Leelanau Coffee’s slogan is “We’re roasting up here.”  To which I can give an affirmative thumbs up!



  1. I’ve been intending to try the Leelenau company’s coffee. Thanks for the reminder and the review. Like you, I love a bold roast, although I usually reserve it for mid-day and brew it in a French press. I order Tully’s whole-bean coffee when I feel like splurging.

    I’ll confess, for a great cup of coffee first thing in the morning, I love Millstone’s (Wal-Mart) Whole-Bean “Foglifter.” It has a wonderful robust flavor and definitely clears away the cobwebs.

    Best espresso? I love the Roast & Toast coffee shop in Petoskey. In fact, my car must have an automatic pilot setting for the place– I can’t seem to drive past!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Robin. I guess that someone does actually read this blog from time to time.

    Down in my area, we have a coffee roaster named “Magnum Coffee.” They have a blend called “fogcutter” which is also exceptionally good.

    I suppose these coffee companies all know that the fog needs to be lifted around most people every morning before they can begin to function.

  3. I’m not sure exactly where your area is, but I enjoy reading bloggers from Northern Michigan. (I think I followed a link from a site promoting your Michigan blog once upon a time.) So, yup, we’re out here reading you! (Spooky, huh?)

    Anyway, all this talk about coffee just convinced me to brew a pot of the “Godiva Chocolatier” Vanilla Creme coffee my girlfriend gave me for Christmas. Smells heavenly!

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