Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | January 13, 2009

Political Disaster

I was cruising channels this evening and let the TV settle in momentarily on MSNBC, which I don’t often watch.  If the truth be known, I’d rather pull my own teeth with long-nose pliers than spend more than a few minutes at a time with MSNBC.  That aside, I could not believe that they were still covering Hurricane Katrina (and still attempting to fix blame for the disaster) like it was yet an ongoing event, “breaking news” as they say in the business.  (The term “breaking news” can be used for news events that are as much as a week old. I will often hear the phrase “breaking news” followed by a report on a story that has been reported several times an hour over the previous three days.  But now I digress.)

Listen, Hurricane Katrina happened over three years ago.  It is quickly becoming ancient history.  It is about time that the news media just get over it!  Furthermore, it was a “natural” disaster.  There is no blame to fix.  So again I would say to the media, “just get over it!”

Now it is true that the aftermath of this “natural” disaster was mismanaged by government.  But, frankly, the blame for the slow and inadequate response lies with local and state government as they are always the first line of defense in regard to weather-related disasters.  The federal government does and should only play a support role, and they should step in only when requested to do so by state authorities.

The State of Louisiana failed miserably in its responsibilities, and Governor Blanco paid the price for that failure with the forfeiture of her job.  Nevertheless, Katrina became a rallying cry of the “get Bush, get-’em-good” crowd.  Katrina quickly became nothing more than a hack political issue for political hacks, devolving from the massive humanitarian crisis that, in fact, it truly was.  This just goes to show that there are folks out there who will do literally anything to get ahead politically, and by hook or crook MSNBC will be standing ready to assist.



  1. I’ve been aware for some time that you and I occupy opposing ends of the political spectrum; however, I have rarely minded hearing other viewpoints. Incidentally, I feel the same way about FOX TV [shudders], but I still try to watch it on a regular basis. Empathy and understanding is the only way Americans from so many diverse ideologies can ever hope to achieve common ground.

    As far as your comments on the “Breaking News” aspect of their Katrina programming, I agree 100%. They do go on and on about it. It’s a shame considering Americans have real challenges confronting them TODAY that we all need to attend to.

  2. Thanks, Robin. I am probably not as radical in the direction of the “right” as I come across at times. Much of the ranting is born of frustration, particularly with what I consider to be an overreaching and overbearing government. And sometimes, those rants are not given the supportive arguments that they should have to show that I have thought a great deal about the positions that I take. Often it is easy just to throw together a rant, not realizing that those with other leanings might easily poke holes in many things that I have to say. So, forgive me if I vent a little more steam than I should at times.

    My original intention was never to have this blog become as political as it has become, but the election year seemed to send it off in that direction quite often.

    Thank you so much for your comments. I know that I can learn much from folks with opposing viewpoints, and I very much welcome the exchange and blog friendship.

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