Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | March 14, 2009

Lucky 13

I recently returned from a five-day trip to Chicago to attend a convention. In many ways, Chicago is a wonderful city, full of opportunities to explore unique skyscrapers, world-class museums, fabulous restaurants, exclusive stores, and the glitz and glamor that only a renowned metropolis has to offer. But, alas, it is a big city, and I am a country boy at heart. So while it was great to get away for a few days and take in the excitement, I was certainly ready to return home when the time came.

I stayed at the Embassy Suites on Columbus Drive near the river and near the “magnificent mile” of North Michigan Avenue. Five of us checked into the hotel on Sunday night; we each had our own suite. It was almost a bit much for me—I would have been happy to have shared a suite. I didn’t pay much attention to the room assignments until we got on the elevator and someone mentioned that four of us were on the thirteenth floor.  At first I thought this was a joke, as I had always heard that hotels don’t have a thirteenth floor; rather, floors skip over floor thirteen, going from the twelfth floor directly to the fourteenth floor. I’m not sure how I originally came by my information, but it was apparent at that moment in the elevator that I was certainly mistaken. Hotels do, indeed, have a thirteenth floor—at least this one does.

Well, we got off the elevator and it was then that I looked at my key-card folder. I was just briefly unnerved as I saw that my room was—are you ready?—room 1313! Now if I were the superstitious sort, I probably would have headed right then back to the elevator and back to the front desk to ask for a different room. But, instead, we all just had a good laugh at my apparent misfortune—and my impending doom!

Well, of course, I had no bad luck at all last week. In fact, it was a great week and a great break from the old routine. We had some phenomenal meals and hobnobbed with tons of people. However, there is one thing that I do regret, and it is certainly an unfortunate event: We checked out on Thursday, March 12; had we stayed one more day, I could have stayed on the thirteenth floor in room 1313—on Friday the thirteenth!



  1. Whew–sounds like you got out of there just in the nick of time!

    A large group of our friends were in Chicago this weekend for the St. Patrick’s Day events. Unfortunately, we missed out because Dan had to drive Mom downstate. There’s always next year. 🙂

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