Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | April 26, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Serenity

We have had something of a Sunday afternoon tradition at my house going back a dozen or more years.  Before our kids suddenly and magically transformed from sometimes awkward, often reserved teenagers into confident and commanding adults, before the internet was anything more than an Al-Gore-invented dial-up service dominated by AOL, and before even the trendiest of  west coast wine-and-cheese, art-and-croissant yuppies or gen-Xers or gen-Yers ever heard of Starbucks, there was Sunday-afternoon, home-created cappuccino at the old homestead.

Specially created cappuccino is a must-have on Sunday afternoons, particularly this afternoon as the rain continues—into its second full day now—to pound the roof and pummel the deck and add volume to already swollen creeks and ponds around the area.  Outside it is chilly, and it is wet, and it is dreary, and it all makes for a glum mood.  But inside, the freshly-brewed espresso, ample amounts of steamed milk, and rich finishing froth combine to create the perfect antidote to the distressing environment just beyond the glass sliding-doors.

Somehow the horrible weather brings out the best in the cappuccino, just as the cappuccino always brings out the best of a lazy Sunday afternoon.  With a lifestyle that often seems to be jamb-packed and non-stop, Sunday afternoons offer the opportunity to become still and contented for a few hours, and Sunday afternoon cappuccino is the perfect thing to seal the deal.



  1. YUMMMM! If it wasn’t so close to bed time, I’d go fire up the espresso machine. (BTW…could you send a little of your rain up north? That sounds lovely too.)

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