Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | July 8, 2009

Standing On The Moon!

Mike in the pilot's seat.  Well, not quite.

Imagine lifting off a helicopter pad, rising gently but quickly above the earth to reach the plane where sky and surrounding mountain tops form their juncture.  And then imagine moving swiftly above a long and narrow valley and making a sharp right turn to trace along the side a spectacular, majestic  mountain, while a frozen behemoth of blue and white ice dominates the landscape in front of you and below you.

This is solid-packed ice, 350 feet thick, more than a mile and a half across, and stretching along a valley and up into a mountain for as far as you can see.  Glacial ice that is so dense that it becomes something of a black hole for light; the full spectrum of light cannot escape, leaving this unearthly ice a brilliant, sky-blue color.

Another glacier landing site.Hovering high above this monolithic marvel of nature, vast areas of high, jagged ridges and low, forbidding troughs spread out before you, while other areas appear to be as flat as a paved parking lot.  And then there are places where rivers of water seem to be flowing swiftly, yet effortlessly, through the barren landscape.

A little bit of perspective

At some point, I was looking very closely at the detail of the surface when my eyes were drawn to an area that seemed to be covered with tiny specs of dirt.  When these dirt specs began to move a bit, I quickly realized that I was looking at a group of people on the surface!  What a way to gain perspective on just how vast and imposing this glacier is; it is truly magnificent beyond description!   I was being “wowed” beyond the point of sensory saturation!

The three of us in an otherworldly photo.

Two weeks later and I still don’t think that I fully comprehend this wonderful physical—and, yes, spiritual—experience.  We landed in the middle of what at once appears to be a God-forsaken place, but in reality is a place filled with the presence, the majesty, the full display of the creation of God.

What an awesome place!



  1. What a wonderfully written piece! Your glacier is beautiful too.

    In that last picture, it looks like you’re standing in the sky, surrounded by clouds. Except for the fact that it looks *Brrrrrr* there, I’m envious.

  2. Hey Mike,
    Robin is right…you have been a wonderful writer for YEARS!!!

    With your talent…you should write a book…seriously!!!

    I always enjoy reading what you write…even the silly stuff….you make it all sooo interesting 🙂

    Love ya,
    Aunt Lucy

  3. Gee . . . T-anks! [blushing now] Would rather write a symphony, though. But I have no time for that, either.

    But Robin is the writer. I should have her check my stuff for all of the errors that have to be in there. You should read her stuff.

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