Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | September 10, 2009

ObamaCare Crumbles

Thank goodness the Obama healthcare bandwagon seems to have veered off the road during the August congressional recess.  Townhall meetings across the nation have driven home the point to all of those congresspersons who will listen that the country does not want ObamaCare (i.e., government-run healthcare) in any form.   The opportunity for Obama to get all—or even most—of what he wanted has now passed. Obama fully expected that if congress recessed prior to enacting his plan, and headed  home to get an earful from constituents, his health care plan would be in serious trouble .  They did, and it is.

ObamaCare is now dead, at least in the form that Obama would like to see it.  It is now destined for the same scrapheap where 1990s HillaryCare resides.  It is time to start again, to address the individual problems with the system—one at a time—and get the solutions right.  It is not time to throw the whole system out and institute in its place a massive new government bureaucracy with all of the accompanying high costs, inefficiencies, and red tape.


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