Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | September 11, 2009


A small boat floating carefree in a tranquil backwater known as Petty’s Bayou.  A late summer’s sky with the sun still high above the horizon, a sky painted light-blue with occasional streaks of white closer to space than to earth, a sky dotted only with a passing bird now and then, a sky eerily devoid of any man-made flying machines.

I was the guy in this boat.  I was the guy in the midst of this serene canvas as the day was nearing its end—a day of monstrous devastation and terror unfolding not all that far from my personal sanctuary.  This is where I was on 9/11.  This is where I always return first in my mind’s eye when 9/11 comes crashing back into my consciousness.  This is my point of departure toward the profusion of searing, effusive memories of that day, a day of so much pain and so much squandering of precious human life.

In so many ways, we have all moved on from that horrific day.  Yet thoughts of 9/11 always evoke in me emotions as strong and compelling as they were on that day of fate: emotions that run the gamut from fear to anger, from grief to resolve, from personal pain to empathy with those who lost so much that day.  9/11 will always remain fixed in our minds, always compelling, always wounding; 9/11 will always remain fixed in our hearts, like a arrow that has met its mark with precision and has inflicted the full measure of its destructiveness.



  1. […] and mindset, I found these words to be very heartfelt and true. Words succinctly written by Calmseas (Mike): In so many ways, we have all moved on from that horrific day. Yet thoughts of 9/11 always evoke […]

  2. Your last paragraph is wonderful. Do you mind if I link to this? Thanks.

    • Beautiful. I will link to this. I’ve written a poem about remembering, called When Freedom Stands, and the photo was one I took in 2000. I hope the poem touches you, please share it. Thank again for your words. HGS

  3. Thanks for posting this. I live on Staten Island, and lost some very special people in my life….and childhood friends, and co-workers too.

    This date is a stain in my memory now….but I’m trying to make it a “New” Day….instead of a sad day. We can make changes to live a life in a new way.

    Fellow NY’er who appreciates your blog!

  4. Beautiful. 9/11 had this effect on me, too. I will never forget that day or the shock it infused when I realized we were being attacked; the seemingly industructable America crumbling down onto New York’s city streets.

  5. That was very expressive and beautiful. You do have a way with words. 🙂

  6. I remember this day clearly…my high school was right next to one police plaza and we were outside waiting for the bell to ring. I saw the first plane with my own eyes fly into the building…one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. I’m blessed to be here.

  7. Very nice post.

  8. This is what folks are doing in Greensboro, NC:

  9. “United We Stand” I think of this day often and I live so far in Texas but working at a middle school at the time we all gathered around the television set, not wanting to beleive our eyes but it is because we stand united that we feel for our fellow men. Mike blessings.

  10. Thanks for sharing this. Well written, well taken.

  11. I feel the same. Watching recaps brings back the horrible feeling from that day.

  12. God Bless America and all that stand for what it truly is to be American.

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