Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | October 5, 2009

Changes Of Season

The chilly, overcast afternoon found me out on my bicycle, cruising down the bike path and dodging raindrops that threatened to ripen quickly into a full-fledged downpour.  Gone are the sunny, warm days of bicycling where a single water bottle simply will not suffice for an hour’s ride.  Gone are the tee-shirts and shorts, and with them the casual bikers and walkers that often crowd the way during the warmer, more pleasant weather.  There is no doubt now that fall has arrived.

At one point on this ride, I crossed over a bridge that spans an inland lake’s backwater that I know all too well.  In another time, early October would find me in my little boat anchored in five or so feet of water just offshore of the “back nine” of a scenic and serene golf course.  On a day like today, I would have been all alone out there, braving the biting wind and appreciating the subtleties of an expansive sky, a cloudy canopy rich in its intricate—though gloomy—patchwork of decoration.

I no longer own the boat, and—yes—I do miss those last few days of the boating season, days of solitary reflection on a summer now relinquished, and resignation to the long winter that will soon command a healthy measure of respect from us all.  But the thought occurs to me that while today is a time removed from those now-vanquished last days of the boating season, the times have not really changed at all.  I still found myself on that quiet backwater this afternoon.  As I do every fall, I was once again out observing the last gasps of summer, or perhaps the very first, half-hearted grasp of winter.  I had simply traded one means for another; I was still enjoying this time and this place as I always have.

For good or for ill, we never leave the past behind; rather, it is the past that provides the broad outlines for our future, and enriches it.


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