Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | October 7, 2009

The Three Universal Laws Of Do-It-Yourselfery

I’ve posted these in a couple of different places now, so I might as well codify them for posterity in an blog post.  So, here are Mike’s three universal laws of do-it-yourselfery:

1.  The job is always harder and more involved than it you think it will be and—by all that’s sane—should be;

2.  After all of the fussing, the job won’t get done right and will need to be revisited;

3.  You will slice a finger doing the very last thing before giving up.

A mechanic I know once had a sign in his repair shop that read:

50/hour, basic service;
100/hour, if you watch and give advice;
150/hour if you tried to fix it yourself and now we have to clean up your mess!

hammer hit

Let this serve as a warning to do-it-yourselfers wherever you may be found. Save yourself the grief and call in an expert at the outset!

‘Nuff said.


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