Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | November 15, 2009

Bond—James Bond

I opened the bedroom drapes this morning and looked through the slider doors. My gaze continued out beyond the deck, across the backyard to the base of my shed. There was a nervous little chipmunk darting around in what often seemed like several directions at once. You know how they are.

army_squirrelI watched the scurrying chipmunk for a short time; he had no idea that he was under surveillance, and he continued going about his business, which—as far as I could tell—was essentially the expenditure of nervous energy. I was feeling a little like the guy with the binoculars in a James Bond movie. It was then that I moved my gaze a few feet off the ground. Suddenly, I was startled when my eyes met another pair of eyes starring directly back at me. There on the limb of a tree, not thirty feet in front of me, was a large, gray squirrel who had apparently been perched there and watching me the entire time. We were like characters in a good spy novel; he had me in his sights, and I have no doubt that he would have taken me out had I made an aggressive move.

The squirrel and I stared at each other for a short time; then I blinked first, and I turned and walked away. I was feeling so superior while watching the chipmunk, but suddenly I had been “one-upped” by his brother woodland rodent. I guess they take care of their own. It became clear to me this morning that many of us have a lower opinion of the animal kingdom than we should have. And to think we somehow believe that we are the dominant creatures on the planet.



  1. Mike, you obviously don’t have a cat because she would have cleared up any misconceptions over your ranking in the “animal kingdom” a long time ago. LOL

    Which reminds me of a quote I read the other day:

    Dogs like to think they’re human. Cats like to think they’re gods.

    BTW, love that squirrel photo!

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