Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | December 10, 2009

The Christmas Geek

(A tribute to John Benson, the self-styled Christmas geek)

The Christmas geek was all the rage,
His notoriety front page.
They came from far and wide to gauge
The wisdom of this noted sage.

The geek was driven to inspire
Those Christmas shoppers to desire
The best of presents to acquire,
And smooth transactions to transpire.

The geek would seek the very best
To recommend to all the rest.
He put new products to the test,
Approving those he would suggest.

The geek he prodded, poked, and stabbed,
And then with others he confabbed.
And finally the best he tabbed,
What shoppers later went and grabbed.

This Christmas geek, he loved his craft—
While those around him thought him daft.
But he forged on, he worked and laughed,
As he helped shoppers dodge the shaft.



  1. Loved the poem but had no idea who John Benson was…so I googled him. From the content of the poem, I assumed he knew his way around computers, so the first google link didn’t seem to apply, but…ahh, the second link seemed more promising.

    “Stories by John Benson: These stories were all written by John Benson, an old computer programmer who lives in Madison, Wisconsin.”

    So I clicked the link which took me to a web site which warned me to enter only if I like stories about men, women and children who *ahem!* enjoy being spanked.

    So….I guess I’ll never know who John Benson is because I quit googling after that! (That’ll teach me to be nosy. I really should be spanked!) LMAO

    Nice poem though. 🙂

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