Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | June 1, 2010

A Place To “Be”

We all find respite in different places.  For some, it may be found in playing through 18 holes of golf—taking chunks of sod out of a fairway and chasing a little white ball through the brush.  For others, it may be a walk along a desolate beach in early spring or late fall when the crowds of sun worshipers are in their “off season.”  And then for others, it may be curling up in an over-sized recliner with a wondrous book of fiction that serves as transport to another world, to another time and place.

For me, respite looks something like this: Being all alone in a kayak in the quiet backwaters of an off-the-beaten-path lake-bayou, among the gentle whisper of tall trees lining the shore, circumspectly watching the silent ambling of fish of all shapes and sizes just below the water’s surface, interrupted only by the appearance of an eagle suddenly spreading his wings directly off the bow of the boat as he swoops low over the water, then turns and comes alongside the boat before disappearing over the tree-line astern.

Yes, that works for me.



  1. Beautiful prose, Mike. I need a kayak. 🙂

  2. After writing a reply on your blog, Robin, I thought I should fashion it into a short little post on my blog–at least that gets me off to a start for the month of June.

  3. Mike, for me the place of respite would be to sit on a bench in a garden surrounded by nature and listening to the peaceful songs of birds.


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