Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | September 24, 2010

A Musical Offering

Writing is nearly always fun, but never so much as when quips fly back and forth between friends.  Facebook makes this a daily reality.  Here is a reply to a friend concerning his wife’s request that he buy her a new grand piano:

Well, Steve, as a “counterpoint” to the discussion here, I hope that you and Linda are in “harmony” with one another about such a “grand” purchase. I know that I shouldn’t just “waltz” on in as this is your business, but I thought I might lend my “voice” in the hope that you two will act in “unison” as regards your decision—of course, unity is the perfect “tonic” for a successful relationship, and you don’t want any “cross relations.” The “timbre” of your discussions will say much for your “temperament.”

If you do decide to buy a piano, I’m sure it will be a “suite” decision. For you to agree to buy a piano for your wife would be “Classic”—and very “Romantic.” It could be a real “Renaissance” for your relationship, not that your relationship is “Baroque,” or anything like that. So I’m thinking you may want to make the purchase . . . and “presto!”

Hopefully, some of my comments will “register” with you. On the other hand, you may want to just “pitch” them. In a “phrase,” I should say that if you successfully “orchestrate” this situation, it could be your “magnum opus” as far as your wife is concerned. Let’s face it, Steve: you would be the “maestro!” I will end my “drone” now as I’m sure you are getting tired of my “chanting,” and I really don’t want to create any “dissonance.” I will now “chorale” my thoughts and head off elsewhere to write.”


  1. Smartypants. LOL

  2. Yeah. He said the same thing. This was the last comment in a string of comments between us filled with puns. He gave up after this. 🙂

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