Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | January 13, 2011


It really looked perfect outside last Saturday morning: undisturbed, new-fallen snow; a little sunlight to dispatch the emblematic January clouds; dead calm.  Did I see deer tracks in the fresh, white snow off the back deck?

It was one of those magical winter mornings.  We usually get two or three of them a year.  But the morning’s magic was just a prelude to a very rare day; the kind of day that I like to describe with a single word: satisfied.  The day my youngest daughter was married, going on six years now, was such a day. At day’s end—after all of the proceedings, the meeting and greeting, after enduring an overwhelming array of emotions—that one word seemed to capture the essence of the day for me: satisfied.  There have been a few days like that since; last Saturday was one of them.

Saturday morning, we had breakfast with friends in their home.  Steve and I go back to prehistoric times; we were good friends in elementary school.  There is not a friendship of mine that goes back further.  We reconnected with Facebook a couple of years ago after many, many years of lost contact.  Along with his wife, Linda, and my wife, the four of us make a pretty good clambake.

Come to find out, we all attended college together in the late 1970s when we were newlyweds.  Marlene and I lived in married housing on one side of the main thoroughfare; Steve and Linda lived in married housing on the other side.  We could have almost shouted across the street to each other.  But neither couple had any idea they lived so close to the other.  Linda and I were actually pursuing closely-related majors, in the same department!  Yet, I don’t remember her at all.  Funny how life works.  Funny how life often wants to come full circle, but the circle seems to cover much more space—and time—than it needs to.  We concluded the morning by gathering around the piano in Steve and Linda’s living room and singing a few songs by Dan Fogelberg and some others from Phantom of the Opera.

We left our friends and then met up with our daughter and her husband to look at a house that they are considering buying.  What a joy it was to share in their excitement as they look forward to the next phase of their life together.  We then had a late lunch/early dinner with them in a cozy little restaurant along the bank of our local river, with the cold and the snow and the ice outside, the warmth of a fireplace inside, and—most importantly—contentment in our hearts.  Following dinner, we relocated to the local Starbucks, spending more time there than I think I’ve ever spent in a coffee shop.  And it was all good.  I didn’t want the time to end.

All told, we were gone from home for nine hours.  And they were nine of the highest quality hours I’ve seen in a very long time.  How would I described the day?  Satisfied.



  1. I was glad to have that satisfied day with you. I would like to add the word, “content” to that. Friends and family = contentment.

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