Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | February 21, 2011

The Place Of Quiet

A friend posted this item this morning:

Psalm 131: 1-2: “I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. But I have stilled and quieted my soul.”  How do you find that place of quiet in the midst of a busy day?

To that I replied: Most of the time I don’t. That’s why God made rivers and planted the notion of kayaks in the mind of man.

And man took that grain of a notion and hollowed out a log.  And he sat in the log, and floated down a river.  And man saw that it was good.

But it could be improved upon.  So man fashioned himself a paddle of wood, and eventually a double-ended paddle for control and to go faster, and to allow him to paddle upstream.  And man saw that this was good, also.

As time went on, man refined his kayak, and added a stabilizing keel, and built the kayak and the paddle of lighter and stronger materials.  And man devised a superior seating system for comfort and flexibility, and water-tight bulkheads for storing dry clothes and lunch and a camera.

By and by, the kayak was perfected.  Man could kayak more efficiently and comfortably and safely than ever before.  And he saw that it was good.

Yes, man saw that it was indeed good.  And then we have the woman . . . ah . . . the woman.  She decided that she could kayak as well.  So a kayak for the woman was fashioned from the same mold as the man’s.  And the man and the woman kayaked off toward the sunset.  And they both saw that it was good.  Yes, it was very good.


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