Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | November 17, 2011

Michigan Deer Woods

So I was out walking around in the woods last night, minding my own business.  After a while, I came upon a couple of guys sitting around a dying campfire. Their tin coffee pot was sitting on a smoldering log off to one side.  Over the center of the fire, a small saucepan was simmering on one of those campfire grill racks, a little trail of steam gently hovering above in the cold, still night air.

As I approached these guys, I could see their rifles propped against a large boulder a dozen or so feet to the left of the fire.  It quickly became apparent that these were deer hunters settled into camp for the night, readying for opening day of the season that was to begin at dawn.

I startled the hunters as I walked up and politely said, “Howdy, guys!”  As I then drew closer to the saucepan situated in the center of the hot coals, I was taken by surprise as I witnessed–and I swear this is true–an egg cooking in this pan of nearly boiling water.

I cried out, “Hey, what are you guys doing?”  To which one of them, steely-eyed but calmly, replied, “poaching.”


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