Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | October 6, 2013

See Sharp?

sharp signWhen I was a kid, telephones had rotary dials, and the “#” sign was a purely musical symbol, a “sharp” sign.

As a young man, technology gave us the touch tone phone, and along with it the “#” sign took on a whole new meaning as the “pound” sign.

As I increasingly become a throwback to an earlier age, and telephones no longer have dials or keys of any type, the “#” forges ahead with yet another identity. It is now known as a “hash” tag.

The simple little “#” symbol wields great power. As a sharp sign, it can alter the course of a music score; as a pound sign, it can connect you with your bank, your pharmacy, your office voice mail; and as a hash tag, it can facilitate instantaneous, worldwide communication—it can organize revolutions and topple governments.

O little “#” sign: you have come a long way. But as for me, I think I’ll just keep you on my page of music. Things are safer for me that way.


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