Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | December 23, 2015

Media Disinformation


This past Monday, my wife and I attended the Donald Trump rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This was the famous “Schlong-gate” rally.  Nevermind that the comment went virtually unnoticed by the crowd at the time.  The media chose to seize on this comment in an attempt to once again try to take The Donald down a notch or two.  And once again, it does not seem to be working.

Anyway, the point this entry is to post a little video I took of the first of five or six protesters being removed from the rally (contrary to media reports of a dozen complete disruptions to his speech). They all left relatively peacefully. With some of them, Trump never missed a beat and just talked over them. With others, he wanted to make sure that they weren’t mistreated by security or attendees so he kept asking that they be handled gently and carefully, and then he continued on. You don’t hear that from the media.

I found Trump to actually be very pleasant to listen to. It felt a bit like sitting on your grandfather’s lap and listening to him spin you a story. He was down to earth, quite anecdotal in a Garrison Keillor sort of way, had a very agreeable personality, and really only got stoked up a couple of times. But, of course, those fiery moments are the only moments that you see in the media.

I’m not saying that Trump is my man, but I’m glad I went to hear him. I’d go hear any of the candidates if given the opportunity, including those on the Democrat side. One thing that was confirmed for me, though, is to never accept the version of events that you get from the media. Not only do they not tell the whole story, they actually actively craft an alternative story, often made up nearly entirely up of whole cloth!

A friend of mine told me yesterday that her mother always told her, “Don’t trust anything you hear, and only half of what you see.”  I believe this to be true.  But don’t trust me on that.


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