Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | January 4, 2016

Satan 1

worldonheadI pulled up behind a car at the post office this afternoon in the little village that I call my home town.  The car had a do-it-yourself spray-paint job in flat black.  The license plate on the back read “Satan1.”  On the rear window, in very large print, the phrase “God hates all of us!” was displayed.  There were other satanic or Gothic symbols and phrases on this car.  It would seem that the owner wanted to be “in-your-face” and intimidating.

As I was about to cross the street to mail my parcels, the young man who owns the car came out of the post office.  He was well-groomed, wore “normal” street cloths, and had the appearance of a typical, well-adjusted young fellow as he strode lackadaisically across the street and got back into his car.

I took stock and wondered what must possess a young person to be so deliberately offensive, and yet so casual in his offensiveness.  The thought occurred to me that, in our mixed-up world, his actions and his car might seem perfectly normal to him.  To others, though, he may as well have been walking down the middle of the street proudly holding his head high, arms outstretched, with middle fingers on both hands extended. He really seemed oblivious, lost a world of his own making.  And that is sad.

I should say that I believe he has a right to express himself this way in what remains of the “Land of the Free.” But I can’t help but consider this stark irony: On the one hand our society – specifically my local community (or at least the government thereof) – finds it offensive to raise a Christian cross on a hill on public property, and so they banish it; on the other hand they tolerate, and even tacitly accept, behavior that is overtly offensive to Christians and should offend anyone’s standard of human decency. Christian standards these days, it seems, are openly mocked, while what might be considered by many to be deviant behavior is simply dismissed as “free expression,” which is often accepted and even promoted at times.

My assessment: It seems that in my lifetime alone, we have managed to stand the world on its head.  We are living in very sad times, folks.



  1. I agree

  2. I saw this car today in Grand Rapids. Made me sad too.

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