Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | September 27, 2017

Extended Summer

paddlingIt’s been a while since my last post.  So much is happening these days, and so little time to write any of it down.  We’ve enjoyed a week of unseasonably high temperatures—it has been, in fact, a bona fide heat wave!  We’ve had day upon day of 90 degree-plus temperatures—and in September!  That rarely happens even in July in Western Michigan.

With all of this great summer weather, you would think I’d be spending my waking hours out in the “Banana” (my little yellow kayak).  In fact, I just yesterday got out on the water for the very first time in September.  Two things have conspired against me this month.  First, the weather has been almost too hot and humid to want to go.  In July, I’d suck it up and load the wilting Banana atop my little SUV and make a mad dash to the water.  After all, you expect to contend with heat and humidity in July.  But somehow, it just doesn’t seem right in September.  I found myself, instead, waiting for cooler, autumn-type kayaking conditions (you know, “normal” weather for fall).

The second thing is a little bit beyond the whims of a persnickety old paddler.  I injured my right hand two weeks ago yesterday, spraining the base of my thumb, I think.  I was doing some out-of-ordinary work with my hands and noticed after about three hours that my hand was really beginning to hurt.  After four hours, I was in a great deal of pain, and I knew that something was up when the base of the thumb swelled to around three times its normal size.  I iced it that evening, and bought a thumb support-wrap for it the next day.  I figured I’d give it a few days.  It was nearly constant pain for the next three or four days, but I could tell things were improving by the day, if only a little bit.  I just had to be patient.

Fast forward two weeks: the patience was gone; it would be the last day of the heat and humidity; my kayak was calling to me like a son calling from deep in the woods for his dad to come rescue him.  So it was on!—messed up hand and all.  I rescued the Banana from its mooring on my garage wall and away we went.  Aside from the struggle getting the kayak up on and down from the SUV—which involved substituting my right hand for an elbow and forearm—things went well.  I may have a few weeks to completely heal up, but I’m back.  Extended summer is over.  Bring on the fall!



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