Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | April 13, 2018

Measure Of Success

On a cold, rainy, miserable afternoon in Michigan, i.e., a normal April day, a young man’s thoughts turn to  baseball, street racing, and other, even more exciting pursuits.  Since I am not a young man, my thoughts turn to old-guy technology conundrums.

Thus, I would like to share Mike’s solutions for solving phone freezes, slow downs, and other issues. These solutions have been developed over many years of trial and error, blood, sweat, tears, and “ah ha” moments. Take each step in order. If one doesn’t work, move on to the next one.  You are guaranteed success–if not with steps one and two, then certainty with step three.

So here we go.  How to solve most any phone issue:

1. Shut down the phone. If that doesn’t work, then

2. Rip the battery out. Do this with conviction! And do it, preferably, with an audience. If that doesn’t work, then

3. Drive a stake through it!

If you end up working through the last step, it may not solve the problem. But it will definitely make you feel better about the whole situation.  And that is my measure for success!

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