Posted by: Calmseas (Mike) | September 28, 2018

A Phone Call From Heaven

I received a phone call from my mom a while back. I picked up the phone and, without a moment’s hesitation, she started talking to me. It was clear that she was very anxious to speak. I don’t remember those first words, but I was both thrilled and confused to hear her voice. I interrupted her and said, “Mom, where are you calling from?” Without skipping a beat she replied, “I think I’m in heaven. And it’s beautiful!”

I was thrilled because anytime I hear my mom’s voice these days, it is a special experience. Confused because Mom passed away earlier this summer.

Of course, this was just a dream. But I was so startled that I abruptly woke up. At least two hours past before I fell back to sleep.

In the weeks following this dream, Mom has appeared in several other dreams. I’ve begun to recognize that I’m dreaming while I’m still in these dreams. But it doesn’t matter. They are so vivid, so real, and her voice so authentic and clear, that I just want to stay in each dream as long as I can, to converse with mom, to touch her, to hug her, and to tell her over and over that I love her.

Short of heaven, my dreams are as close to mom as I will ever be again. In that respect, my dreams are among God’s most precious gifts to me. I will cherish every one of these wondrous gifts.

What is left of mom on this earth are photos, the few physical things that were hers, the years of precious memories that I and so many others have of her, and the treasured dreams that I’ve had the past few months. And then there is the anticipation of many more dreams to come as the months and years stretch on ahead.

I now await my dreams with great expectation. And my dreams await me.

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