Blogbites: Useless Wit & Wisdom

(formerly known as Mikeisms)

Pearls Of Generally Useless Wit And Wisdom From The Mother Ship

(Credit given if credit is due; Otherwise all quotes are original,
though it may be wise to disown many of them)

Blogbite #50 – Posted 08-29-19 – “You can buy 2 tickets to an NFL ball game or a 70″ TV set.  Buy the TV and watch the game on it.  Corollary : For a season’s pass for 2, you can put 50% down on a really nice new car.  Buy the car; it will last longer–but not by much.”

Blogbite #49  – Posted 09-25-18 – “Let sleeping dogs lie; let sleeping lies dog ya.”

Blogbite #48  – Posted 09-27-17 – “There are a hundred ways to get into trouble; fewer than that to get out.”

Blogbite #47 – Posted 01-14-16 (What: nothing last year?) – “We use many expressions in everyday life that are pure hyperbole. However, the statement, “I moved a ton of snow today,” is nearly always an understatement.”

Blogbite #46 – Posted 04-28-14 – “It is better to not have enough hours in the day than to have too many.”

Blogbite #45 – Posted 02-10-14 – “The reason you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is that he has plenty of old ones that work just fine.”

Blogbite #44 – Posted 08-30-12 – “‘Art’ devoid of craft is not art at all.  It is merely statement.”

Blogbite #43 – Posted 07/18/12 – “Even a bad cup of coffee is good if it is the first one of the morning.”

Blogbite #42 – Posted 03/06/12 – “Ask not what the candidate will do for you; ask what the candidate will do TO you.”

Blogbite #41 – Posted 12/14/11 – “Youthful abstract ‘what ifs’ inevitably give way to practical adult ‘must dos.’  What a shame.”

Blogbite #40 – Posted 03/02/11 – “”It is easy to sit in judgment; much less easy to engage in conversation.”

Blogbite #39 – Posted 02/02/11 – “From the ‘School Of Hard Knocks’ graduate level civics course, we learn about the three branches of government: The one that takes your money; the one that gives your money away; and the one that lines its own pockets!”

Blogbite #38 – Posted 12/27/100 – “Whoever it was who said, ‘I’m just jokin’ with ya,’ wasn’t kidding.”

Blogbite #37 – Posted 11/04/10 – “Useless knowledge is some of the most useful knowledge you can know!”

Blogbite #36 – Posted 11/03/10 – “Maintaining one’s sanity is overrated.  Sanity, after all, is just a state of mind.”

Blogbite #35 – Posted 05/16/10 – “I am old enough and wise enough to know that I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Blogbite #34 – Posted 05/07/10 – “The greatest challenge of the American public is to legally find ways around the laws passed by Congress so that they can just live their lives as they should be lived.”

Blogbite #33 – Posted 04/22/10 – “I always wonder about those ads where 3 out of 4 doctors recommend . . . .  It really makes me curious about what the 4th guy is thinking.”

Blogbite #32 – Posted 03/18/10 – “A good dose of cynicism is the best medicine for combating the disease of bad government.  It may not cure the ill, but it sure makes one feel better.”

Blogbite #31 – Posted 02/19/10 – “I don’t know nearly as much as I think I do.”

Blogbite #30 – Posted 02/17/10 – “Just because you find it on a grocery shelf doesn’t mean it’s food.”

Blogbite #29 – Posted 02/17/10 – “Vanity is not one of my strong suits.”

Blogbite #28 – Posted 02/11/10 – “In a world gone mad, acting crazy is the only way to maintain one’s sanity.”

Blogbite #27 – Posted 02/11/10 – “In regard to Sarah Palin’s crib notes: Writing “on” oneself seems normal to me; it’s writing “to” oneself that would get me worried.”

Blogbite #26 – Posted 02/02/10 – “Those who sing, do; those who don’t, rap.”

Blogbite #25 – Posted 12/30/09 – “Expect the worst, and be pleasantly surprised that it’s not that bad!”

Blogbite #24 – Posted 12/02/09 – “Age is one of those few things that I don’t have to work hard at.”

Blogbite #23 – Posted 11/15/09 – “The essence of life can be described with two words: dishes and laundry.”

Blogbite #22 – Posted 11/09/09 – “When in the course of human events there cease to be human events, there will definitely be a big change in how we live our lives.”

Blogbite #21 -Posted 10/24/09 – “It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have nothing to to.”

Blogbite #20 – Posted 10/23/09 – “Perspective is everything in evaluating anything; and the more perspectives you examine, the better the evaluation.”

Blogbite #19 – Posted 10/21/09 – “I am an armchair philosopher.  I am constantly speculating about the nature and significance of my armchair—usually doing said speculation from my armchair.”

Blogbite #18 – Posted 09/25/09 – “There are lots of possibilities in the realm of possibilities. What a great realm!”

Blogbite #17 – Posted 07/30/09 – “Honesty and wisdom are two commodities much in demand but short in supply.”

Blogbite #16 – Posted 04/13/09 – “If you don’t have dreams, then there is no hope that they will ever come true.”

Blogbite #15 – Posted 03/29/09 – “Most of my thoughts are irrational, even the rational ones that turn out not to be so.”

Blogbite#14 – Posted 03/25/09 – “It has been said that there are two seasons in Michigan: winter and construction.  The problem is that winter can last seven or more months, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for construction.”

Blogbite#13 – Posted 02/11/09 – “I love slinging arrows at politicians; they are altogether worthy targets.”

Blogbite #12 – Posted 02/10/09 – “There are a lot of famous people in this world who are unknown.”

Blogbite #11 – Posted 01/19/09 – “Looking and listening to all of those who view Obama as the second incarnation, those of us who still believe that he is a mere mortal can take solace in this thought: “If they brainwash the brain-dead, has anything really been accomplished?”

Blogbite #10 – Posted 01/06/09 – “All good things must come to an end, as all good things must begin anew again.”

Blogbite #9 – Posted 11/20/08 – “In politics, it’s never as good as you think it will be if your guy wins, and it’s never as bad as you’re sure it will be if the other guy wins.”

Blogbite #8 – Posted 09/28/08 – “Since they say the devil is in the details, I guess I prefer to remain superficial.  I’m not so sure I want to look the devil directly in the eyes.”

Blogbite #7 – Posted 09/24/08 – “Spiraling costs have gotten out of hand.  A buck isn’t worth a plug nickel anymore!”

Blogbite #6 – Posted 09/24/08 – “If the government is so much smarter than me, why is it that I’ve figured out how to live within a budget and they haven’t?”

Blogbite #5 – Posted 09/21/08 – “Change does not come because of the great efforts of politicians to implement it, but rather in spite of their best efforts to thwart it.”

Blogbite #4 – Posted 09/08/08 – “The difference between a political flash in the pan or a rising star is determined by 10 days of media attention.”

Blogbite #3 – Posted 08/25/08 – “There’s a 100% chance that a democrat will be the next president of the United States, though only a 50% chance of that.”

Blogbite #2 – Posted 08/24/08 – “In a consumer-oriented society such as The United States, life generally takes place on that broad, debt-laden plain between extravagance and affordability.”

Blogbite #1 – Posted 08/13/08-  “The only way that one can commit the perfect crime, is if one is innocent of that crime.”

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